Feminine Wisdom. 

Where Creative Women Discover the Depths
of Their Potential

Nourish Your Creative Heart & Transform Creative Energy into Golden Truth

Together, we co-create a new reality that is spacious, awakening and excitement.  Our work combines practical and creative strategies that move you into a deeper sense of flow in all areas of your life. Whether through the intensity of on-going meditation sessions, coaching or the support from a community of like-minded women warriors, my offerings have been created to meet you wherever you are on your path and expand your experience of what’s possible.

Are you a visionary ready to let go of the longing to change?

Embrace powerful tools that will allow you to fully engage in your own evolution.

Whether you’re seeking a life of greater meaning or just trying to get “unstuck” from daily life, I can help guide you on your transformative journey.

In my one-on-one sessions, we will work together to help you move through overwhelm to create a purpose-filled life that nourishes your soul.

Working with Martina Lin helped me access deep peace and inner knowing that continued to blossom for days after the sessions, which brought clarity and lightness to the situations and problems I had. Her kindness and openness is unbelievably affirming. I am so grateful for her loving heart and the gentle clarity she brings to each session.

H.J. Chinese Acupuncturist and Sound Healer, Santa Cruz.

Hello, I’m Martina Lin – a coach, meditative guide, and a mother. 

I help women take the feminine wisdom with which they nurture others and apply it to their own goals and desires and to move beyond overwhelm to create a purposeful life.

Nourish your creative soul.

I share tips on my blog where you can learn how to live profoundly in your creation at the heart of daily life that supports your generous maternal heart.

Join the 7-Day Meditation Challenge.

Join me for 7 days to begin finding LOVE and PEACE in the daily grind and start to enjoy every aspect of your life.

The next challenge will start on January 29,2018

Self Study Course for Visionary Women

Within the Birthing Creation course, you will discover how to create the time to honor yourself and your creative pursuits while still meeting the needs of your family.