I’m Martina Lin, coach, mother, meditative guide, and the catalyst behind Inner Alchemy.

Through my work, I help women longing for something beyond their current life, something more meaningful and powerful and real. I’m so glad you’ve found your way here, because there’s so much I want to tell you.

But first, and perhaps most importantly, I want you to know this:

I see you.



You are a visionary. An action-taker. You seek meaning and follow your curiosity. You possess a willingness to invest the time and attention necessary to create a remarkable life. You are ready to let go of the longing to change and embrace the tools that will allow you to fully engage in your own evolution.

Through one-on-one coaching, small group classes and intimate retreats, I help women take the feminine wisdom with which they nurture others and apply it to their own goals and desires.

The foundation of my work is the Clairvision Inner Space Technique, an alternative therapy that helps clients access their innate power and wisdom through guided third-eye meditation techniques. IST is especially effective at facilitating relaxation, expanding one’s consciousness and transforming your inner self in such a way that problems no longer hold control over your life. In IST, you guide the process. The method reopens the psyche through meditation, making use of a variety of possible experiences which might include past life therapy or connecting to high spiritual beings, with the goal of purifying your present awareness. It takes you on a journey of self-exploration and maturation that softens emotional blockages and dramatically reorients your perspective on life’s challenges.

After our private and group sessions, clients feel expansive, supported and rooted. The fog lifts. Women consumed with caring for others are able to create a divine vision for themselves. Their deeper, renewed connection to their own desires allows them to find new and inspired ways to connect with their community and care for others with ease and grace. Instead of depleting them, loving stewardship becomes an ongoing source of nourishment and growth.



I’ve been where you are, wishing for a change, searching for the steps toward a more meaningful way of being.

I began meditating thirteen years ago. At that time, I was a new mother in a new city and healing wounds from a rewarding yet sometimes not fullfilling career as a software engineer. My soul felt as though it had reached a breaking point. The new stresses of family life were compounded by never-healed trauma of settling into a new country as an adolescent and two heartbreaks that shattered and mystified me as a young adult.

Through IST, I discovered that meditation could not only provide a restorative pause from the demands of daily life, but it could also provide the insight and confidence for creative problem-solving and new adventures. As my energy waned during the day, I would put my baby down for a nap and meditate. When we reconnected, I was alive to myself in a new way and able to care for her with deeper clarity and love. When my daughters enrolled in school, I fell in love with Waldorf education and furthered my studies of the bonds between parents and children by training as a Simplicity Parenting Coach.

At the same time, I began seeing clients as an IST meditation-based practitioner, holding space for my clients and together explore the inner vision to create an open and receptive environment, in which they may discover and release blocks in their energy.

Over a decade into my practice, my passion and curiosity have never waned. As I’ve broadened my path to help other women access their inner truth through meditation, my personal practice continues to reveal new challenges and that keeps me in a constant state of “beginner’s mind.” I’ve also completed Life Coaching certification with Life Coach Training Institute to help my clients create concrete action plans with which to move forward with the insight they gain from IST. My joy at Inner Alchemy is to see each client delve into a deeper layer of her personal truth, to remove the blocks that keep her from living in the wisdom that is already hers. To be, as I have become, grounded in devotion, gratitude and clarity.


Together, we co-create a new reality that is spacious, stimulating and kind. Our work combines practical and creatives strategic plans that move you into a deeper sense of flow in all areas of your life.

IST requires bravery; it is not a quick fix. It works with life in the here-and-now, in all its complexities and contradictions. But IST rewards your courage with grace, ease, and action. Both you and I awaken to higher parts of ourselves. I help you experience your emotions as palpable forces of spiritual consciousness which can be acted on in dynamic new ways. Whether through the intensity of on-going coaching or the support of a community of like-minded women warriors, my offerings have been created to meet you wherever you are on your path and expand your experience of the possible.

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