It’s time to stop letting the daily grind wear you down.

Join me for 7 days to begin finding LOVE and PEACE in the daily grind and start to enjoy every aspect of your life. (Yes, even those mindless, not-so-fun tasks!) Together, we will re-ignite your energy as you honor yourself and practice my tried and true self-care techniques.

Shift your mindset to recognize the abundance of treasures in your life.

Find Joy in Everything

Experience both joy and love as you check in with your spirits in the midst of mundane responsibilities and chaos.

Feel at Peace  

Experience true harmony, even in the midst of your neverending to-do list, busy work schedule, after-school activities, and more.

Receive Sisterhood and Support

Receive the love and support you need for your transformation in our community of like-minded women.

What will you receive during the 7-day challenge?

Meditation tips and technique

Learn how to find your center in the midst of stress and overwhelm so that you can calmly respond instead of reacting.

Techniques for achieving flow while maintaining structure

I will teach you what rhythm is and how you can establish it to support the transitions and chaos of daily life.

Tips for finding beauty in the daily grind

I will share how you can connect to the warmth in your heart and experience joy, even when you are doing mindless tasks like washing dishes or sweeping floors. Most importantly, I will help you be more present when spending time with loved ones.

Experience life with more LOVE, PEACE, and HARMONY.

I’m Martina Lin, coach, mother, meditative guide, and the catalyst behind Inner Alchemy.

Through my work, I help women longing for something beyond their current life, something more meaningful and powerful and real.

I’m so glad you’ve found your way here because there’s so much I want to tell you.

I invite you to take my hand and join me for this 7-day, life-altering challenge. Are you ready?

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