No one can elude the power of the divine feminine, which is perhaps why people for so many centuries have tried to repress it. The masculine energy in the world, while needed as much as the feminine, can easily become imbalanced, causing turmoil, war, and aggression. Everyone, whether male or female, has both the divine feminine and masculine in their body, available to use whenever they need.

While some cultures, ones that are still intimately connected to the earth, have kept the divine feminine present and revered, most cultures today have shifted to a more masculine way of life, constantly on-the-go, constantly wanting more, relying on technology and science more than intuition and nature.

Almost everyone living in today’s modern world is experiencing an imbalance in energies. Too much masculine, not enough feminine.

Feeling stressed, exhausted, unfulfilled, unhappy?

You need to ask the divine feminine for help.

While changing everything about your life is dramatic and impractical for most, there are some things you can do right now to encourage more feminine energy to take hold in your life.

Get Outside. Getting outside more gives you an opportunity to reconnect with mother earth, or Gaia, the divine mother of us all. Rather than constantly being indoors, connected to manmade technology and screens, getting outside helps you shift from your male-energy brain to your female side. Even just a few deep breaths in the fresh air can help you to remember your divine connection and re-balance.

Garden. Not only does gardening get you outdoors, but it gives you an opportunity to cultivate, nurture, and grow. These desires will lie dormant inside you, causing you anxiety and distress, until they are given room to breathe. Even a small container garden on your patio can help you find more feminine energy in your life.

Meditate. The opposite of fiery masculine energy, meditation asks us to cool down and slow down. Sitting still, even for just a few minutes each day, can help you find a peaceful balance between the two opposing energies.

Practice Mantras. Choose a mantra that reminds you of your inner goddess, or perhaps one that calls upon a goddess. Reciting mantras regularly, especially ones to goddesses, awakens the feminine energy called Shakti in your body. If you’re looking for a place to start, consider using the simple mantra “Om Dum Durgayei Namaha”, which calls for maternal energy to protect you from negativity.

Journal. Journaling gives you a chance to sit quietly and reflect. It affords you precious moments to tap into your creative nature. When you let the words flow quickly, you practice a trust exercise between you and your intuition. There’s divine femininity written all over it!

Too much feminine energy, like masculine, can also lead to imbalance. And it’s important to remember that one is not better than another. But, considering the state of the world, most of life today, more feminine energy is much needed.



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