Definition of Vulnerability :

1:  The state of being physically or emotionally wounded

2: The state of being open to attack or damage 


Did you ever experience broken heart that hurt so much? You felt so fragile and vulnerable. You just want to cover up the wound so deep that no one can find it, not even you!

I used to that person.  I still experienced the broken heart feeling. But something is different …

I used to drown in my own sorrow and darkness when the wound was layered upon or opened up again. I did not know what to do being so vulnerable and raw.  I would isolate myself and put up an invisible wall so no one can see through those layers.

But now that I am older and hopefully wiser and have been working on myself with meditation and Inner Space Technique. I started to embrace vulnerability.

Embrace Vulnerability

Have you ever wonder why your heart feels so big, light and joyful when we are in the presence of babies? One reason is their openness and vulnerability shine through their innocence and pureness. There are no layers of covering up, just their sweet light.

You probably guessed, instead of hiding our vulnerability, what if we embrace and open to it? What would happen to us? Well, those hurt layers would be painful to go through and open up again but as you keep going inward more and more, you will discover that pure, innocent and open heart that we all are as babies is there. So much joy and lightness!

What’s amazing is that each step of going inside, you reconnect to more of your strength and courage.  It is interesting that when you are in that state, you don’t get react like you used to.

Something is holding you from inside.  Something light, open,  and strong.

Protocols for vulnerability: 

  1. When you experience rawness of vulnerability, stay still as possible and take multiple breaths to stay with those feelings. 
  2. Your mind will take you to thoughts and stories, each breath, let them go and go back to the feelings. 
  3. Write down the feelings and thank them. 
  4.  This might take multiple practices so be patient and loving to yourself. If it hurts too much to open up, receive support and love from your tribe and community. 
  5. This is a habit changing – it takes persistent of staying with those feelings. 
  6. Over time, it will become easier to stay with the feelings and the strength from within.

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