What Is the Third Eye?

Growing up in the East, there are myths of the third eye and scary stories about seeing the ghosts! They said, “Don’t ever “open” your third eye because you will see all kind of things that you don’t want to see!”

However, years ago, life has a way of guiding me on a journey that I did not even know I was looking for it. I went to an “Awakening The Third Eye” weekend meditation workshop. Since then I have been to many “Awakening The Third Eye” workshop and now I am facilitating the workshop and seeing clients using a meditation based technique – Inner Space Technique.

Referred to as the sixth chakra in many Indian traditions, the Third Eye, also known as Ajna, is an energy center that is the central control of our chi body and is also a gateway to go inward. Energetically located in the center of your forehead between your eyebrows, your Third Eye, is an energetic tunnel that extends from the front to the back of your skull.

Third Eye is an organ of inner vision and command center of the body of energy. When awakened, it opens perceptions of nonphysical reality that used to be invisible and confusing for me but now brings more depth and richness to experiences.  I started to cultivate my intuitive vision – a vision of knowingness.

Thanks to the advent of modern technology, we rely less on our senses than ever before today. Rather than needing to be more aware of what our senses are feeling inward, we externalized by either on the phone, computer or google something.

We trust less and less of what our internal feeling and intuition.

But, as we know, technology can only take us so far!

More powerful than google search, intuition knows us to know before it’s even possible to know. It gives us is the wisdom to move down the right path even in the midst of everyone else telling us to go in a different direction.

So while we are less reliant on intuition today, we have not lost our capacity for it. Intuition, and everything that comes with it, still remains in us – we just have to know where to find it and how to unleash it!

Enter Your Third Eye

By working on awaken our Third Eye, you not only rediscover the power of your intuitive vision but doors open up to your awareness and deepen your experiences with the world and people around you.  The world becomes more colorful, rich and more fun!

There are many ways you can go about doing Third EYe work, meditation is how I started. There is also an ancient Ayurvedic ritual known as Shirodhara, which stimulates and activates your Third Eye by pouring a steady flow of warm oil directly to your forehead. A divine ritual, Shirodhara can be done at home yourself or administered by a professional Ayurvedic practitioner.

Working on developing your Third Eye center has other benefits for your life, too. You can expect to experience

Awakening the Third Eye is the key for anyone who is interested to become more aware of the non-physical reality.  

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