Working with Martina 1:1 

I deal with clarity, community, and creation.

I meet women where they are, whether they’re seeking a greater purpose or a way to get “unstuck”
from a daily grind that is no longer serving them.

Truth. Sincerity. Love. It’s woven into the fabric of everything I do.

I believe that change comes from within, and there is no single way to achieve it.

Schedule a Discovery Call with me.  I want to listen and know your concerns.

And support you with insight and clarity of your concerns.

Also, for you to learn ways we can work together to help you find your new path.

  • Imagine connecting to a deep, grounded purpose that allows you to move through overwhelm and abandon mundane “busywork.”
  • Imagine having the inner peace to respond to the chaos of children and home life with clear boundaries and a generous heart.
  • Imagine revealing your deepest desires to your partner and feeling cared for in a way you didn’t know possible.
  • Imagine reconnecting to your work from a source of unyielding love and confidence.
  • Imagine discovering the services that are aligned with your heart and transforming them into a successful business that brings you both wealth and joy.

The Pathways to the Possible process designed to help you transform your life as you co-create with the universe and achieve greater confidence and clarity. Though the process is custom designed to meet each woman’s individual needs, there are a few basic steps I go through with each client.  


We will work together to paint the picture of the life you desire, making it come alive.


Here we will tap into your potential and gain a clearer understanding of what lights you up and what is stagnate in your energy body.


At this stage, we will work on creating intentions and an environment to support those intentions. Get ready to receive!


It’s time for action! At this stage, we will work on strategy and work together to create an implementation plan for helping you achieve your desires.


In this step, we refine the plan, identifying what’s working and what’s not from steps one through four. Once we refine our strategy we will go deeper into the energy intention behind the project.


As the final step, I will help you to connect to your power within and show you strategies for maintaining that connection. This will help you maintain your inspiration and vision, even when the chaos of life threatens to throw you off balance.


After completing this process, you will find yourself taking strategic actions every day to manifest your desires. You will find yourself speaking about your work from a place of vision and inspiration, no longer held back by your own limiting beliefs. And you will be fulfilling your own creative dream while at the same time making the money you need to support you and/or your family.

If you are interested to know if this process is right for you, schedule a Discovery Call with me.

Pathway to The Possible is a customized process of one-on-one coaching and Inner Space Technique sessions to help women get “unstuck” and live in flow, opening their hearts and aligning new awarenesses with powerful actions.  

Packages include multiple Clairvision Inner Space Technique sessions, in person or over Skype, in which I lead you through self-exploration and energetic awakening. We uncover emotional blockages and the sources of your frustrations and examine them in the light of your higher consciousness, reframing your relationship with the challenges in your life until they no longer hold power over you.   After, you’ll feel refreshed and rested and possess a deeper access to your innate feminine wisdom.

Interspersed throughout your Inner Space Technique sessions are a series of Muse Sessions. In these, we use your new-found awarenesses to craft intentions and pathways that take you to your growing edge. We discuss the day-to-day tasks and habits to propel your metamorphosis. We create the blueprints of a life that will support and nourish you for years to come.

You also receive an invitation to a quarterly circle call with my other clients for the inspiration and perspective of like-minded sisters.


“I received several meditation healing sessions with Martina and each one was exponentially helpful. She was very insightful about my need to clarify my vocation but also drew on my own inner process from what realizations we had through her questions about my meditation experience.”

Diana, Bonny Doon

Pathways to the Possible process is available as a one day accelerated retreat or three-month or six-month program, depending on your own particular needs and the results you’re seeking. We’ll work together to determine what’s right for you. 

One-day retreat with Martina includes:

  • IST + Muse sessions
  • Healthy organic lunch + snack
  • Profound insight and actionable strategy to support your renewal spirits to grow and nourish your passion project by the end of the day.

Investment: $1,295
(payment option is available)

4 -month commitment includes:

  • 10 IST + Muse sessions

  • Invitation to private quarterly circle call

  • Unlimited email support

Investment: $1,495

(payment option is available)

8 -month commitment includes:

  • 20 IST + Muse sessions
  • Invitation to private quarterly circle call
  • Invitation to Heart’s Creation, my annual weekend retreat for visionary or inspired women
  • Unlimited email support

Investment: $2,850

(payment option is available)